A couple nights ago I had a dream of Barron Hilton (too bad this cannot come true) & last night of a guy I used to work with several years ago..that we ran into each other in a jewellery store. Weird. 

The ads on my own blog are quite effective..for myself! I just went on my blog and found an ad for Icelandair..clicked it/checked roundtrip flights from Toronto to Reykjavik/checked hotel prices there & realized they are quite inexpensive. So now I’m considering a trip there in the near future. Seeing the Northern Lights is on my bucket list. 

A Random Walk Down Bay Street

Went to Marche for a late rosti dinner..then I walked out onto Bay Street from Brookfield Place. As soon as I walked outdoors it smelled like the inside of a brand new car. Then as I was crossing the street it smelled like a soup my mom used to make. Then a few more steps down it smelled like my dog’s old pee pads.


Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Dr. Seuss

Emotional Rollercoasters

Watched a few minutes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians earlier tonight (caught the ending as I was waiting to watch RKOBH afterwards), and Khloe mentioned being in an emotional rollercoaster. I have been on mine for months and months…extreme highs and extreme lows. Sometimes I wonder what I would rather have: extreme highs and extreme lows or a steady middle. I wish I could go back to 1 year ago and start all over. Do some things differently. 

So I decided to download a “mood tracker” app on my phone. I think that will help me analyze this situation. 

Things to look forward to this week

- Tomorrow. The start of a new business day. I hate weekends as everything is closed/people are MIA..because honestly, every day is like a weekend for me anyways

- My new Clover Canyon dress (Express delivery = hopefully arriving Tuesday, hopefully with minimal duties charged)

- Wednesday or Thursday, if all goes according to my elaborate plan

- Friday, picking up my newly heatstamped Fendi tag (almost forgot about this!)

- Saturday, when hopefully my BF will come to Toronto

Looking back on this it seems to be a pretty eventful week when really it’s not. 

In one of my classes in high school, we had assigned seating (2 by 2) and I was put next to this guy who ended up being my FIRST really close platonic male friend for a few years. One piece of advice he gave me about guys/life in general is still quite useful until today. I think he just randomly said the quote to me as soon as he saw me one morning and I was confused at first. Well, now I know why. 

1am here. About 1pm in HK.

I just made a call to the Fendi flagship of Hong Kong and had the most awkward conversation with one of the sales associates. I am fluent in Cantonese but I sound horrible when I speak to anyone in Cantonese other than my family.

I’ve been waiting for a certain bag to purchase from Fendi..so far I’ve been on the waiting list at Holt Renfrew for at least 4 months (and counting) and it seems that every month they only receive 1 in, and not in the colours I like!! I figured I’ll have more luck tracking one down in another country and having it shipped here (by the store or by a relative there) OR I will wait until I go there around the end of this year to purchase it..possibly. 

I asked for the price and it seems it’ll be ~$500 cheaper to purchase it there than here (with tax included)..or my Cantonese is so bad I didn’t even understand the number she said. Sigh. 

I will try again tomorrow.

I’m so hungry right now..this happens so often these days, not intentionally, just for the simple fact I have no idea what to eat. I had 3 veggie tacos for lunch today. Now I’m not sure what to get for dinner..but I’m so hungry and weak I barely have energy to go out for something. 

I have realized something yesterday. I guess I always knew this but the only way to be happy is to be responsible for your own happiness and not rely on anyone else. Luckily, I did not come to this realization because of anyone close to me but it did make me realize that close people can turn out the same someday. Most of them most likely will, and you will be left wondering what happened..as you never would’ve thought it would turn out that way. Mutual feelings with people are hard to find. I have learned from experience. Unfortunately this creates major trust issues for me. Maybe someday I will find it. 

Now off in search of more food..

Part 2

I don’t know how much of an audience I get on this blog..I’m going to pretend nobody reads this so I’ll post more freely. Well apparently I have 56 followers. Anyways!

I am stressed because I don’t know what I will do with my life. I am close to being able to earn a full-time income while I work from home..which makes me closer to my dream of being able to live wherever I want, every few months. BUT that will also mean I have to leave everyone behind. I am fine with that as I have always been pretty independent and my solo trip around Europe a couple years ago was amazing…yet there is someone I never want to leave and I know I won’t be able to have that life if I choose this one. So that is my dilemma. I know family/friends will always still be there but unfortunately relationships can’t continue that way. I guess that’s why a lot of fashion bloggers have a photographer boyfriend who goes around with them! 

20-ish more minutes until I get picked up..I’ll try to de-stress with my new favourite song on repeat. Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz - Talk Dirty (MANDEE Bootleg) —- very random I know! 


Kind of a continuation from the blog post I posted earlier today. Currently sitting at Bridgehead, ridiculously bored..Fridays are usually slow days at work which is a good and bad thing I guess. Bad when I’m here “working” at coffee shops all day while I wait for my bf to finish work and pick me up again. About 40 more minutes to kill today…ahhh. 

I gave up on trying to use this slow WIFI here so I’m tethering the data from my phone. It’s my first time doing this. Hopefully it won’t get used up. 

Not sure what else to talk about.

My stocks are not doing that well today..which I guess happens most Fridays. I realized a lot of the stocks I chose to watch because they had cool names are doing well..I should’ve went with my gut feeling in the beginning and just purchased them, because now I’m stuck with the ones I thought were “safer” and they’re not doing as well. 

I’m supposed to return to Toronto on Monday. I dread being back and having to catch up on everything. After a long time away there’s always that transition period which I’m not looking forward to. Yet I’m not sure I can stay here much longer (as I didn’t bring enough stuff to last me this long, and I miss my dog, and I’m nervous my mailbox will be overstuffed. Have an inevitable stack of business/travel magazines I need to catch up on!) 

Also, having a long distance relationship is really hard. So I’ve been really stressed and emotional these days and I’m not sure what will happen in the next few months..

Its been awhile..going to start updating this again, sporadically. 

- need to wake up tomorrow to go to my dentist appointment..apparently I have a cavity that needs filling. I’m quite nervous as I’ve never had a filling before so I need to mentally prepare myself now for the pain. I have a very low tolerance for pain. 

- I’ve tried just about every brand of white nail polish but it’s so difficult to find a good one. I just got OPI’s Alpine Snow earlier today and am painting my nails now..it still needs several coats because it never comes out even. 

- Still into stock trading these days. I wish I didn’t get so emotionally attached to the stocks I purchase, since I can’t bring myself to sell any even when the prices go up/I can actually make money. But hopefully holding on to them for the long term will make me even more money. I used to have a Blackberry. Ended up hating it and switched over to Samsung/Android. Now I like Blackberry again as I made a bit over $100 so far from its recent stock price increase. 

- I wish I could go back to last night at this time when I was with my BF. Somehow I always end up in long distance relationships (this one started local). By now you’d think I would be used to it already. Hopefully it won’t be for too long though. 

- I need more time in a day. Or I guess less interests. I realized one of my biggest problems is that I can never concentrate on one thing..well, I try to concentrate on too many things at once which isn’t good, as nothing will get my full attention. Similar to how my blog doesn’t have a main focus. I realized this tonight when I was looking for different blogs to read. 

I’m completely addicted to stocks now. I check the markets throughout the day..bought a share of Google today since that’s all I could afford. Let’s hope the price keeps going up. But not before I purchase more. I feel better investing in stocks than in a new handbag now. I guess once I get better at this I’ll reward myself with a new handbag. 

Or I can invest a bit in LVMH instead. 


Random Thoughts - Feb 18 2014

I’m going to start updating this blog again. I feel like I always do this in spurts..but now I’ll start writing private thoughts on here again as I feel it’s more private once again (since the link is taken off my main blog). Not sure if anyone bookmarked the page lol. 

Right now I’m listening to Green Day’s “Time Of Your Life” . You know how when you listen to some songs..it brings you back to one moment in the past that you’ll think of whenever you hear the song? Well when I hear this song, I now think of that time in London last year when I was in the tube station going up the escalators. There was a small band at the bottom playing this song. I usually walk while on escalators, but that time I decided to just stand there and listen to the song playing. Random people going up and down the escalators started singing it too. Now when I listen to it I’m brought back to that moment and start to miss London…

So I finally started on stock trading. I’ve been meaning to do it for a long time already, but never got around to it. I’m glad I did because it really helps me save (plus it’s a lot of fun). When I think of buying something now or going out for a meal, I think of how I’d rather use that money to buy x or y stock. & any extra money I have, I put it right into my bank account so I can buy more stocks. I’m pretty familiar now with which stocks are in which price ranges..which stock I can buy in exchange for a dinner out..etc. $45 used to mean a nice dinner but now it is the price of 1 share of Sotheby’s stock (my first investment). Let’s see in a few months if that is still the cost of it.

Daily/nightly Storage Wars marathons in bed, with my laptop, stuffing myself with Nerds (candy) = life these days